It was created according to the poetess testament. Its founder and main body is the trustees council which presides Ara Shiraz. The main aim of the foundation  is to assist the museums activities, republish Kaputikyans literary heritage, preach and modernize the house–museum.You can assist the foundation by the following account number.Armenian Development BankBy AMD  1810052015853313 Multicurrency 1810001015823313 Silva Kaputikyans House-Museum.S. Kaputikyans house-museum which is under the directorate of “Silva Kaputikyan” literary fund and acts by the state sponsorship is a nonprofit organization aimed to diffuse cultural, scientific and educational activites.The remarkable is that the poetess not only bequeathed, but also created the Preliminary demonstration of the house-museum by her own hands.Still alive she has created a 24-hour video film where in the status of a guide  she explains and interprets the "etymology" of  the exhibits of the future museum in all details.The museum is grateful to all people and organizations who showed interest and caring attitude towards Kaputikyansliterature. In particular to:

•  Iranian benefactors Serzhik and Arshaluys Harutyunyans, Vardan Isaghulyan, Andranik Shahbazyan, Andranik Nazarian and Elbek Khechumyan for creating the web-page,
•  Armenian Public Radios director Armen Amiryan for releasing the 1st CD of songs written by Silva Kaputikyan.These songs are selected from Radios golden fund,
• RA NAS director of the Institute of History and academicianAshot Melkonyan for publishing the book called "Depi Khorqe Leran" where the great part of poetess literary activities testing and analytical reviews are generalized in the republics and the diasporas media which was spreaded then. The book is a professional guide for the researchers of the Kaputikyans literary heritage,
•  Poetess son Armenian national artist, sculptor Ara Shiraz, for sponsoring the illustrated calendar to be published.

Silva Kaputikyan street

In the honor of the poetess Baghramyan 1st St. Passage was renamed in the name of S. Kaputikyan in 2007. It starts from Baghramyan Ave, forming the continuation of D. Demirchyan street. To the right of the house-museum is the Armenian National Academy of Sciences and to the left is RA Presidents residence.



Like the sun and like the moon,
We are bound to each other.
Like the sun and like the moon,
We do not see each other.
When you arrive, I am gone,
When I arrive, you are gone.
Like the sun and like the moon,
Well never reach—each other . . .

If my love ...

If my love was a dim lantern,
Or a candle, a tiny light,
You would stay with me and tend me,
Be a lover and care for me,
That my lanterns pale, failing light
Might not falter through day and night.
But I kindled on top of you
My mad, deep love—bright like the sun!
That is why you are swinging away,
Heedless, carefree, wandering astray—
Certain that wherever you are,
Like the sunshine—I am right there!

When my wide eyes ...

When my wide eyes look out for you,
I shut them with my dark eyelids,
That they might not see you around!
When my crazy tongue calls on you,
I hold it tight, clench with my teeth,
That no voice or sound be whispered out!
But when my heart, my heart, wants to
Meet and see you and talk to you,
How can I silence my hearts tongue?
How can I close its eager eyes?


Tonight my soul
is sated, drenched
throughout with light.
Tonight I am
like the full moon,
lucid and bright!
I dispelled the
gloomy ashes
of the dense clouds,
And with clear eyes
I am looking down to the earth.
I am looking
from the highest
point out in space;