In her testament Silva Kaputikyan has demanded to leave her sitting room, the study andthe living room identically, without adding or reducing anything.The above mentioned area the poetess has furnished and installed the exhibits by her own. She has also given its explanations.While the formation of the house-museum there was a need to make the economic balcony (which was 13m high ) into a showroom, where it became possible to demonstrate a part of Kaputikyan’s rich archive.In the first part of the showroom  are introduced.1. The house (Address: 20 Amiryan str.), where the poetess was born and lived  until 1954.2. Among the belongings which were brought from Van are distinguished the metal trough where new-born Silva and her son Ara Shiraz tubed, the handmade socks, the clay pot, the velvet coat and so on.3. With the help of this sewing  machine Silva Kaputikyan has sewn the clothes drawn by her own. Some of her drawings and needleworks are presented in the neighboring showcase.In the 2nd section are the poetess’ personal belongings- a watch, a bag, a handkerchief, a fan and make-up accessories.In the 3th showcase are the gifts which Kaputikyan has recieved from famous people. One of the dear samples is especially the Siamanto’s pen, which has presented to Kaputikyan the poet’s sister in 1963 in Paris.In the 4th showcase are the following rewards of Kaputikyan- the "Badge of Honor", "Friendship of Nations", "October Revolution" and other badges and medals.In the 5th showcase are the tickets of membership.The demonstration ends by the souvenirs from Av.Isahkyan, Vazgen Vehapar, P.Sevak, B.Axmadulinyan and other contemporaries.The   poetess’ son Ara Shiraz, who is a famous sculptor created a  plaster bust which gives a special luster to the hall. The brazen version of it is placed in the pantheon.


Like the sun and like the moon,
We are bound to each other.
Like the sun and like the moon,
We do not see each other.
When you arrive, I am gone,
When I arrive, you are gone.
Like the sun and like the moon,
Well never reach—each other . . .

If my love ...

If my love was a dim lantern,
Or a candle, a tiny light,
You would stay with me and tend me,
Be a lover and care for me,
That my lanterns pale, failing light
Might not falter through day and night.
But I kindled on top of you
My mad, deep love—bright like the sun!
That is why you are swinging away,
Heedless, carefree, wandering astray—
Certain that wherever you are,
Like the sunshine—I am right there!

When my wide eyes ...

When my wide eyes look out for you,
I shut them with my dark eyelids,
That they might not see you around!
When my crazy tongue calls on you,
I hold it tight, clench with my teeth,
That no voice or sound be whispered out!
But when my heart, my heart, wants to
Meet and see you and talk to you,
How can I silence my hearts tongue?
How can I close its eager eyes?


Tonight my soul
is sated, drenched
throughout with light.
Tonight I am
like the full moon,
lucid and bright!
I dispelled the
gloomy ashes
of the dense clouds,
And with clear eyes
I am looking down to the earth.
I am looking
from the highest
point out in space;