Works of the museum has began with the regulation of the archive. The latter is very rich and includes all the documents concerning to her literary and social activity from 1940 - ies up to these days.Due to the museum workers more than eighteen thousand - page manuscripts are copied. Doublets with some  non printed samples are left to the museum and the originals are transferred to 2 significant archives. The part concerning to literature- to the Literature and Art Museum after E. Charenc and the part of political and social activity- to the Armenian National archive. The sections of the letters, postcards, photos, congratulatory cards as well as other sections of the archive are being regulated.Another important function of the house-museum is the republishment, the preachment and the transmission of Kaputikians literary heritage to generations. In this concern the museum isnt limited only by the reception of the visitors. During the commencements and literary meetings, which are held constantly, demonstrations and thesis are organized appropriate to the day. One of the best meetings were “Mayrutyan Teman Kaputikyani Stexcagorcutyunnerum”, “Kaputikyani Siro Poezian”, “Ereq Kaputikyanner - Hayry, Horexbayry ev Banastexcuhin”, “Kaputikyany ev Artsaxyan Sharjumy”,”Kapyikyany  Mankagir”,  “Voch Miayn Banastexcuhi” and other events.Main visitors of the museum are the schoolchildren, intellectuals, citizens of Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as tourists from various countries. The average number of visits is 16-20 people per day.  The relation between museums and the secondary schools especially between the school number 145 after S.Kaputikyan is great. The museum helps the school during the events with the respective literature and videotapes, records, demonstrative accessories.With the help of the museum cine –films concerning to the poetess  are ordered and created. They are shown in the armenian television channels. By the joint work of  “S. Kaputikyan” literary fund and the museum are created various alboms, video films, cassettes.Tomes of poems, the book of reminiscences of  the contemporaries and  cassettes of songs with Kaputikyans lyrics are published.Every year on the last Saturday of september,  poetry festivals are held with graet solemnity.Among the participants are always present the students of the word center after Mashtos (under the leadership of Nadya Antonyan) and the students of the school after Kaputikyan (under the leadership of  Zhanna Petrosyan)


Like the sun and like the moon,
We are bound to each other.
Like the sun and like the moon,
We do not see each other.
When you arrive, I am gone,
When I arrive, you are gone.
Like the sun and like the moon,
Well never reach—each other . . .

If my love ...

If my love was a dim lantern,
Or a candle, a tiny light,
You would stay with me and tend me,
Be a lover and care for me,
That my lanterns pale, failing light
Might not falter through day and night.
But I kindled on top of you
My mad, deep love—bright like the sun!
That is why you are swinging away,
Heedless, carefree, wandering astray—
Certain that wherever you are,
Like the sunshine—I am right there!

When my wide eyes ...

When my wide eyes look out for you,
I shut them with my dark eyelids,
That they might not see you around!
When my crazy tongue calls on you,
I hold it tight, clench with my teeth,
That no voice or sound be whispered out!
But when my heart, my heart, wants to
Meet and see you and talk to you,
How can I silence my hearts tongue?
How can I close its eager eyes?


Tonight my soul
is sated, drenched
throughout with light.
Tonight I am
like the full moon,
lucid and bright!
I dispelled the
gloomy ashes
of the dense clouds,
And with clear eyes
I am looking down to the earth.
I am looking
from the highest
point out in space;