Silva Barunaki Kaputikyan was born in Yerevan on January 20th 1919 in a family which had emigrated from Van.Herfather, Barunak Kaputikyan was a teacher, an activist of “Dashnaktsutsyun” Party  and an editor. He died of  cholera epidemics 3 months before his daughter’s birth.After finishing the demonstration school (which was then called as  Krupskaya, and is now known as Aghbalyan) Kaputikyan entered Yerevan State University, which she graduated in 1941. She graduated from Moscow Gorki Literature Institute’s high course  in 1949-50.In 1941 she was a member of the Union of Writers of Armenia.She served as a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Armenian USSR in 1948.In 1933 on the 24th of December she was first published in the newspaper called  “Pioneer Kanch” with the poem “Pataskhan Tumanyanin”.The first collection of her poems called “Oreri Het” was published in 1945, then she published 60-70 books of poems and prose in  Armenian, Russian, English, Georgian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Turkish  and other languages.In 1952 for the collection of her poems called “Im Harazatnery” she was awarded USSR, and in 1988 State prizes of АSSR. She was also rewarded with the Nosside International Prize in the same year.She has published about 40 works for children  in Armenian, Russian and other languages.Since the 1962 she has been in Lebanons, Syrias, Egypys, Ethiopias, Frances, USAs, Canadas, South Americas, Germanys, Austrias, Irans and Jerusalems Armenian diaspora communities and has sum up all her memories in her travel notes, from which are exclusive “ Qaranvannery Der  Qaylum en”,  “Khchankar Hogu Ev Qartezi Guyneric”, “Qaravannery Heranum En”, “Im Katsany Ashkharhi chanaparhnerin”.These books have also been translated into Russian.    Kaputikyan has also been a publicist and it is outspoken in her books “Im Zhamanake”, ”Chem Karokh Lrel”, ”Verjin Zang”.She has also done many poetic translations.In 1997 was published a book called “Ejer Pak Gzrotsneric” which consists of 700 pages. It is a unique report about Kaputikyan’s participation in the social life.In 2002 was published the book “Im Katsane Ashkharhi Chanaparhnerin”.Kaputikyan was awarded by the former Soviet Union, the Republic of Armenia, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara named after Av. Isahakyan and the  "Nosside" Italian literary awards.She was awarded the Armenian  and Georgian "Renowned Master of Arts", an honorable citizen of Yerevan official titles and in 1998 Cambridge International Geographic Institute awarded her the title of "Woman of the Year" as well.She was as well awarded by a number of medals, including two “Badge of Honor, " Working Red Flag "," Friendship of Nations "," October Revolution "  medals.Has been:•A member of the presidency of the USSR Union of Writers,•A member of presidency of cultural relations committee with Diaspora,
•An academician of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences,
•A member of the National Academies of Sciences “The spiritual unity of the peoples of the world” and about the sciences of the ”Environment and the Society”.Was selected as a:
•ASSR Supreme Soviet deputy,
•Member of the Presidium of the USSR Writers Union.Silva kaputikyan died on August 25, 2006 and is buried at the Pantheon after Komitas of Erevan.Devoted to her 90th birth anniversary her house-museum was opened  In 2009 on January 20.

«Hayoc ashkhar»
Words - S.Kaputikyan
Music - L.Saribekyan
Artist - L. Saribekyan

The autors of movie:
Arpen Movsisyan
Vahan Karapetyan


With the springtime, with the blossoms,
The early birds, the gurgling streams,
The revival of cheerful songs
Loosened the tongue of my baby boy.
And he stammered a precious word
From the divine Armenian tongue,
As if holy sacrament touched
The rosy lips of my sweet child.
Heed now, my son, your mother's words,
Open your lips and try to speak,
Gladly warble, my sweet darling.
Let be heard our priceless language,
Like a newborn in your fresh age.
Keep it lofty, pure and sparkling,
Like Ararat's divine white peak.
Keep it always close to your heart,
Like the ashes of your loved ones.
And from the blows of evil foes,
Bravely defend it with your breast,
The way you would protect your mother,
If with a sword she was attacked.
And now, my son, through all your days,
Wherever you go under the skies,
Should you foresake your mother own,
Never forget your mother tongue!!


  • Dedicated to Silva

    The dictums of masters to the poetess

    To our beloved Silva.
    If were not the sea, there wouldn’t be the reflection of sky on earth.
    If were not your poetry our country would be very dark.
    Live, creat and be faithful to the dreams of our nation
    Warmest regards

    AV. Isahakyan
    20.01.55, Yerevan


Like the sun and like the moon,
We are bound to each other.
Like the sun and like the moon,
We do not see each other.
When you arrive, I am gone,
When I arrive, you are gone.
Like the sun and like the moon,
Well never reach—each other . . .

If my love ...

If my love was a dim lantern,
Or a candle, a tiny light,
You would stay with me and tend me,
Be a lover and care for me,
That my lanterns pale, failing light
Might not falter through day and night.
But I kindled on top of you
My mad, deep love—bright like the sun!
That is why you are swinging away,
Heedless, carefree, wandering astray—
Certain that wherever you are,
Like the sunshine—I am right there!

When my wide eyes ...

When my wide eyes look out for you,
I shut them with my dark eyelids,
That they might not see you around!
When my crazy tongue calls on you,
I hold it tight, clench with my teeth,
That no voice or sound be whispered out!
But when my heart, my heart, wants to
Meet and see you and talk to you,
How can I silence my hearts tongue?
How can I close its eager eyes?


Tonight my soul
is sated, drenched
throughout with light.
Tonight I am
like the full moon,
lucid and bright!
I dispelled the
gloomy ashes
of the dense clouds,
And with clear eyes
I am looking down to the earth.
I am looking
from the highest
point out in space;